Bona Concrete Batching Plant
Industry News
Industry News
Pay Attention to the temperature changes of forced concrete
In order to make the concrete mixer work fluently and efficiently, users have to pay attention to the temperature change of the forced concrete mixer.
Structure and classification of Concrete Mixer
Concrete mixer has two major categories:self falling concrete mixer and twin shaft forced concrete mixer.
Operating Notes of Diesel Concrete Mixer
Diesel concrete mixer is one type of concrete mixer, compared with other concrete mixers, it has some different operating notes.
Effective measures to protect concrete pump in winter
Every concrete mixer has a concrete pump, so does JZM500. In order to work efficiently, It is very important for JZM500 to protect concrete pump.
Brief Introduction of Diesel Concrete Mixer
Brief Introduction of Diesel Concrete Mixer, such as JZR500 Diesel Engine Concrete Mixer.
Purchasing Notes of Concrete Batching Plant
So many suppliers of concrete batching plant, Bona Enterprise tell users some purchase notes of concrete batching plant.