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How to choose one concrete batching plant equipment?

Stationary concrete Batching plants

In the reinforced concrete modern metropolis,many people don’t know how the concrete is produced.Some people have seen the concrete batching plant, but don’t know how to choose the concrete batching plant equipment.


Overall concrete batching plant selection principle

Here today to talk about how to select the device of concrete batching plant. This paper analyzes several aspects, reference work for everyone.

1. Concrete Batching Plant Production Scale

When choose concrete batching plant, first of all, should according to the size of production scale. Calculate the production pre hour based on the annual or monthly production output. 
Production per hour = Production per month / Month working days/ Daily working hour
project demand: 10000 m3/month
Working 24 days per month, 10 hours per day. 
Production per hour = 10000m3 / 24d / 10h = 10000 / 240 = 41.7 m3/h
In this case, Bona 50m3/h Concrete Batching Plant is suit for you.
Q: Is 35m3/h concrete batching plant suit for this case?
A:If the work time is longer in your side, 35m3/h concrete batching plant is OK. However, there are always some problems, so choose the bigger one, can make our work easier.

2. Concrete Batching Plant Construction Site

There is a great relationship with the size of construction site when choose the concrete batching plant.
Select skip type concrete batching plant, low productivity, small area.
Select belt type concrete batching plant, high productivity, large area.

3.Concrete Batching Plant Auxiliary Equipment

After determine the concrete batching plant, the (twin shaft)concrete mixer also have determined. The concrete mixer truck’s loading capacity should match the discharge fo concrete mixer, improper match will affect the work efficiency.

4. Concrete Batching Plant Technical performance

Mainly from the advanced, reliable, excellent and versatile aspects. The concrete batching plants should have advanced working principle, high degree of automation, powerful management and good environmental performance. Also, consider the high accuracy, good mixing quality, low energy consumption and easy to maintenance.

5. Concrete Batching Plant Cost Performance

It is unwise to pursue technical equipment performance, that will increase the cost.
But only pursuit of low investment and reduce the machine technical performance,it is not desirable because the use cost will increased.
More reasonable approach is select the appropriate cost-effective on the basis of reliability.

6.  Concrete Batching Plant Suppliers Credit

There are so many manufacturers, the performance and reliability have a big difference. So you should mainly to see whether the product details,quality,spare parts, technical guidance and after-sales service is in place.
Through these principles, I believe you can find the suitable concrete batching plants.

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