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AAC plant separating machine

August 19, 2021

The separator is an important kind of AAC production equipment at the packaging Inquiry Form section.

BONA separator has much better separating performance and operation experience for blocks and panels. The mature cakes that have been autoclaved will be conveyed to the elevator of the separator and then elevated to a place where the clamps can hold the first two layers of blocks/panels near the separating line.

Then the adjacent blocks or panels will be separated by the operation oil cylinders and quide rods. After that. oil cylinders will returns to their original places.

The elevator, together with the blocks/panels will descend for the separating of the second layer. When all the blocks/panels are separated. The elevator will return to its original position, and the blocks/panels will be moved away. Then the next separating cycle can be started

We use fully hydraulic transmission system, which comes with a two-level filtering system. In this separator, each pair of clamping device can be individually controlled so the clamping and separating position can be set as you wish. To exert proper clamping force on block and panel, you can adjust the clamp as per your need.

In addition, the block/panel separating speed of the separator can also be adjusted. A normal separating cycle costs 6.5min, but our special designing can make it within 4.5min if you need to improve the production capacity.