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Crusher and re-mixerCrusher and re-mixer
Crusher and re-mixerCrusher and re-mixer

Crusher and re-mixer

The crusher can crush and remix the mixture material, so that the material is more uniform and loose. The machine make nice surface and good quality of finished bricks.


The remixing machine (crusher) is aimed at the treatment of calcium carbide slag and other viscous materials, fly ash agglomerating and large particle materials, so as to make the materials to be treated meet the technological requirements, avoid the occurrence of aging materials agglomerating, and improve the working efficiency of the brick machine. Equipped with shaft temperature detection and alarm device.

Technical data

Crusher 1 set
Model JDS-55
Capacity 25-30 t/h
Power 55 kw
RCY-8.0 Suspension belt type permanent magnet iron remover 2 sets
Belt width 800 mm
Suspension height 200 mm


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