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Horizontal resolution binHorizontal resolution bin
Horizontal resolution binHorizontal resolution bin

Horizontal resolution bin

Horizontal split warehouse resolution, first-in, first-out, can achieve continuous resolution, avoid material closure and reduce labor intensity, so that the production line can work stably.




1. Reactor adopts each hopper separate digestion, can avoid the continuous digestion of the hopper of uneven aging and difficult to clean up the hopper.

2. The top of the reactor is equipped with a material level indicator, the front hopper is discharged by remote control of the unloading plough, and the rear hopper is discharged by the tail end of the belt.

3. Two hoppers are aged independently and discharged by circulation.



Technical data


1 set




25-30 t/h


55 kw

RCY-8.0 Suspension belt type permanent magnet iron remover

2 sets

Belt width

800 mm

Suspension height

200 mm



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