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Side plateSide plateSide plateSide plate
Side plateSide plateSide plateSide plate

Side plate

Use of side plate:

The side plate belongs to the auxiliary tools, and its function is to carry out cutting, yardage, steaming and raising of the bearing body.

The side plate is the main equipment for carrying the green body to be flipped, cut and transported. Therefore, the material used for the side plate is directly related to the completion of the section of transferring, turning and cutting the green body safely.


Structure of mould plate and side plate:

The mould is divided into two forms: movable type and integral type. The double-layer hollow of the side plate plays the role of heat preservation, and the inner plate is welded with 8mm thick steel plate to increase its rigidity, prevent deformation and prolong the service cycle.

Its specification has 4m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 6m.


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