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JYM series hydraulic brick making machineJYM series hydraulic brick making machineJYM series hydraulic brick making machineJYM series hydraulic brick making machine
JYM series hydraulic brick making machineJYM series hydraulic brick making machineJYM series hydraulic brick making machineJYM series hydraulic brick making machine

JYM series hydraulic brick making machine

JYM series full automatic hydraulic press machine is a new type of fully automatic brick making equipment with energy saving and high efficiency developed by our company on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced hydraulic press machine technology.


The equipment adopts the from down to up pressure structure, which can effectively realize the production of standard bricks, porous bricks, hollow bricks, small blocks, pavement bricks, firebricks and other different specifications of products by the way of "one machine with multiple functions".

Therefore, the quality and production efficiency of bricks were greatly improved, which promoted the product upgrading and technological progress of China's new building materials industry. The product performance reaches the domestic leading, the international advanced level.

TheJYM-500, JYM-1280, JYM-1500 and JYM-2500 automatic hydraulic presses in our institute have an annual production capacity of 30 million, 60 million and 90 million (based on standard bricks) respectively.

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The performance characteristics:

Down to up pressure - safer

Down to up stroke pressure structure namely the press table from bottom to top, the structure of the hydraulic oil cylinder pressure - workbench - punch - mold - feeding car, ensure the pressure punch is always up and down inside the cavity, avoid mould out, crushed core rod and the personal safety accident, at the same time the structure of the up-stroke cavity pressure wear surface, in the upper portion of the mould wear resistant lining plate if liner wear out-of-tolerance from top to bottom, which can realize upside down mould resistant lining plate to continue to use, the service life of the mold can be double.

Lateral mold change - faster

Mould installation adopts slide positioning, accurate positioning.

Mould replacement using lateral structure of the mould, replacing mould don't need to tear open outfit other auxiliary equipment, the oil cylinder drives the mold side in side out of the mould, mould replacement can be done by 1 worker in 1 hour, convenient and quick, short time-consuming, and does not need to reposition, greatly reduces the efficiency loss for the customer, the "one" in the form of faster truly to the application.

Intelligent setting brick - more save time and manpower

Setting machine can realize two-way merger, adobe cross pallet, both ends of 90 degree rotation, separate rotating packed a variety of ways, to ensure the smooth, not ruin in the clamps to walk crib, at the same time meet the needs of users to maximize the tile pattern, let users to use more worry.

Composite feeding material - more efficient

Our patented compound fabric technology, using vibration + forced mixing can make the mixture material more even, the qualified rate of finished brick is high, the quality is more stable.

The multi-purpose hand of the brick clamping machine of the main machine ensures the efficient operation of the production line.

Technical data

Model JYM-500 JYM-1280 JYM-1280S JYM-1500 JYM-2500
Molding bricks per time (standard brick)(pcs) 20 38 38 57 /
Max. Pressure (t) 500 1280 1280+400 1500 2500
Pre-pressure (t) 50 200 200 400 310
Pressing mode Down to up pressure Down to up pressure Double-acting pressure Down to up pressure Double-acting pressure
Max. Mould size (L*W) (mm) 840×998 1525×998 1525×998 1525×1308 1800×1800
Max. stroke (mm) 350 450 450+30 450 450
Max. filling height (mm) 320 420 420 420 420
Molding Cycle (s) 13~18 15~20 15~25 16~20 /
Total power (kw) 60.5 104.5 104.5 125.5 225.5
Main motor power (kw) 40 70 70 85 150
Annual production (pcs) 30 million 60 million 60 million 90 million /



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