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  • Precautions for production of aerated block equipment
    (1) The empty car shall be assembled on the kettle inlet track for trial operation, and the operation shall be stable.
    (2) The bearing shall be cleaned and changed once every two months, and the lubricating grease shall be No. 1 colloidal graphite grease.
    (3) There is also the maintenance of vulnerable parts of steam curing vehicle. If the vulnerable parts are damaged in production, they should be replaced at the first time!
    The steam curing trolley is mainly composed of the following parts:
    Frame: it is mainly composed of section steel, with good rigidity and simple structure. The upper part is equipped with a bottom plate guide device, which makes the bottom plate fast and convenient to place.
    Wheel assembly: it is mainly composed of wheel, shaft and bearing. The surface of the wheel is quenched and durable. The internal structure is specially designed to ensure that the bearing can still roll sensitively and operate reliably after high-temperature and high-pressure steam curing in autoclave.
  • Contribution of aac equipment to environmental protection
    The advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection policies has strengthened the government's control over the building materials industry, increased the use tax rate of clay bricks, and prohibited the opening of cave clay bricks; On the other hand, relax the production conditions of new building materials, provide subsidies and encourage the development of new building materials industry.
    The production technology of aerated block equipment came into being and complied with the inevitable product of the development of the times. It is a widely used building wall material in recent years. It is light and porous and can float on the water; Good thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance; Due to its special technology, it has certain seismic performance, can alleviate the earthquake intensity, and can protect the nature in a sense; These are needed for the current social development; The better performance is that it can well ensure the energy-saving and environmental protection policies: save land resources, save coal resources, reduce the greenhouse effect and protect the natural performance of the environment.
    The raw materials for the production of aerated block equipment are fly ash, lime, cement, gypsum and sand, which are prepared according to a certain scientific proportion; The raw materials are mostly some wastes with a wide range of sources. The wastes left by thermal power plants and mining plants are the sources of raw materials, which greatly reduces the price of raw materials and reduces some investment. Equipment pouring section: the mixing center system is mainly used for mixing the slurry, so that the materials do not precipitate and the water and special materials are evenly dissolved, so as to lay a good foundation for good foaming of the embryo. Submerged slurry pump: mainly used for slurry transportation. Three sets are required for 200000 production line. One is used to transport the slurry to the drum screen; One is used to transport the mixed slurry to the pouring machine for pouring; One set is used to transport the waste cut by the cutting machine to the mixing tank after pulping. The waste slurry storage tank is mainly used for storing and re pulping the waste cut by the cutting machine, which is the effective utilization of raw materials to achieve energy-saving effect. Drum screen is mainly used for slurry filtration. Screen out the blocks and sundries that are not scattered to ensure the quality of blocks.
    At present, the aerated block equipment produced by Zhengzhou Bona uses very few resources of raw materials, and there is basically no pollution in the production process. In the future, the long-term development of the equipment must be based on saving resources and protecting the environment, so we have a good grasp of the sustainable development of the aerated block equipment, Aerated block equipment is a new type of environmental protection equipment vigorously promoted and used in the modern market, not only because it is the product of advanced science and technology, but also an ideal building material production equipment to realize energy conservation, waste utilization, energy conservation and environmental protection. Aerated block equipment is one of the mainstream building material brick production equipment today.
    With the continuous development of Zhengzhou bona, many enterprises lack the ability of independent innovation, so after the rapid development period. It began to stop, so we need to break through the development crisis with technological innovation, so as to make our gas filling block equipment better developed. Moreover, the raw materials used by our aerating block equipment are relatively cheap, which can not only control environmental pollution, but also save land resources and effectively protect the cultivated land area. At the same time, it responds to the national policy services and contributes to environmental protection. It will bring better returns to users in the development of building materials industry in China.
  • Maintenance of aerated autoclave concrete equipment
    The numerous performance advantages of the aerating block equipment drive the industry to be active in various fields. While continuously strengthening the process innovation of the equipment, the maintenance of the equipment can not be ignored. Improve the manufacturing level of aerating block equipment and greatly improve its product quality.
    (1) Accuracy and verification of measurement: the regular symmetrical measurement system shall be verified with weights to check whether each blanking valve is sealed without defect. In case of abnormal shaking of blanking height and unit weight, it shall be rechecked immediately to ensure the correctness of the measurement of aerated concrete according to the proportion.
    (2) Secondly, uniform mixing and mixer maintenance: clean the mixer regularly, do a good job in the maintenance and protection of the mixer, timely replace the worn mixing blades, ensure that the mixing paddle and its accessories are intact, and the normal application functions of the mixing system, so as to ensure the cooperative operation of all bodies.
    (3) Thirdly, the accuracy of cutting scale and the maintenance of cutting machine: cutting machine makes aerated concrete not only form in large volume, but also have sensitive and diverse shape and scale, high precision, and complete its large-scale mechanized production. The operation condition of the cutting machine directly affects the cutting scale accuracy. Therefore, the maintenance of the transmission equipment and steel wire positioning of the cutting machine should be strengthened, and the imperfections should be found and corrected in time.
    (4) Stability and track maintenance of green body operation process: the strength of aerated concrete green body without autoclave protection is low, so it is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of transportation in the production process, reduce the damage to green body structure in the transportation process, and then reduce the impact on product quality.
    (5) The continuity of the production process and the protection of other aerated block equipment are undoubtedly the key: the continuity and periodicity of the production technology of aerated concrete blocks require the continuous operation of the equipment in the production process, in which the failure of any equipment may cause the invalidation of the products and have a great impact on the production. Therefore, while maintaining the above equipment, other equipment such as ball mill, slurry pump, gas supply station and inductor also need to be inspected and maintained as scheduled, so as to reduce the number of false shutdown and strengthen its production power.