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Silicate products(pre-cured AAC block) will be loaded into autoclave to go through hydration reaction and then obtain good physical and mechanical properties. During AAC production,safety tips & attention must be paid to autoclave. It is used to steam the green AAC block.


Features of autoclave:

1. High heat treatment efficiency: the whole heat treatment after NC machining can eliminate the forging stress and welding stress, with strong processing capacity.

2. Novel structure: the autoclave of the new door opening mechanism can be opened and closed slowly by using hydraulic push rod, which greatly improves the level of automatic operation.

It reduces labor intensity, improves production efficiency and saves maintenance cost of autoclave.

3. Strong heat treatment process: strong welding and heat treatment process, 100% flaw detection and overall heat treatment after welding, leading the technology.


Structure of autoclave:

Electric door autoclave mechanism is composed of autoclave body, autoclave cover, support, valve instrument and safety accessories. Drive shaft, coupling, reducer and bracket, motor and bracket are laid inside.


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