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Curing cartCuring cartCuring cart
Curing cartCuring cartCuring cart

Curing cart

Curing cart is a special transportation vehicle in the process of aerated concrete production. It adapts to the high-temperature and high-pressure autoclaving environment in the autoclave in the process of production. It does not get stuck or change shape.


The curing cart is arranged in sequence on the autoclave entry track, and the hanger the cut green body on the cart, and then is marshaled by the autoclave entry winch. After marshalling, the autoclave entry winch traction enters the autoclave for autoclaved curing.

When out of the autoclave, pull the trolley group to the finished products storage yard, unload the finished products, and return the trolley to the autoclave track for the next round of work.


Structure of curing cart:

1. Frame: it is mainly composed of shaped steel with good rigidity and simple structure. The upper part is installed with the bottom plate guide device, which makes the bottom plate placed quickly and conveniently.

2. wheel components: mainly composed of wheels, shafts, bearings, etc., wheel surface quenching treatment, durable, internal structure by special design, can ensure that the bearing after autoclave high temperature, high pressure autoclave, still rolling sensitive, reliable operation.


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