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Differences between concrete porous bricks and Aac blocks

November 21, 2022

The main difference of concrete porous bricks and Aac blocks are as follows:

1. The production process is different

1> Concrete porous brick is a kind of wet chisel with various rows of small holes, which is made of cement as the cementing material, and sand, stone (light aggregate), etc. by adding water, ramming, forming and curing;

2> Aerated autoclaved blocks are produced by high-temperature autoclaved equipment with the materials like sand/flyash,cement,lime,aluminum etc.

2. The main features are different

1> Concrete porous bricks have low power generation performance, save soil and waste, convenient construction and light weight, high strength, good heat preservation effect, durability, small narrowing and deformation, and neat appearance;

2> Aac blocks have the characteristics of light weight, good thermal insulation performance, strong shock resistance, good processing performance, certain high temperature resistance, good sound insulation performance, and strong adaptability.