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Concrete Block Pre-curing, Cutting Section

November 30, 2022

Basic Parameters for Pre-curing

Pre-Curing Time for Fly Ash: 150-180min

Pre-Curing Time for Sand AAC Block: 180-210min

Pre-Curing Time for AAC Block: 45℃-55℃

Strength of Concrete Block after Pre-Curing: 0.15MPa-0.18MPa

In the pre-curing section, the concrete block is placed between the mold and side plate, and conveyed to the pre-curing room for pre-curing through the use of a friction drive wheel. The pre-curing time is about 2-4 hours depending on the raw materials and finished products.

The concrete block and mold will be automatically pulled out after pre-curing, and conveyed to the overturn table and automatically positioned. The overturn table will automatically move above the mold, and lift it, then tilt and move the mold to above the cutting trolley to place the concrete block in the cutting trolley. The tilting table will then unlock the locking device, and finish demolding.

When the cut concrete block leaves the cutting trolley, some waste materials will be produced on the bottom of concrete block due to bonding. The concrete block bottom cutter is designed in order to reduce the hard waste.After demolding, the empty mold and empty side plates are combined together again and automatically enter the turning lane for the next pouring process.