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Chongqing annual output of 120 million fly ash autoclaved brick production line completed production

May 18, 2019

In the southwest of Chongqing, the annual production of 120 million fly ash autoclaved brick production line project was officially completed and put into production. The main machine adopts 2 sets of JYM-1280 hydraulic brick machine units produced by our company, and the produced bricks are neat and beautiful. The bricks being produced include: standard bricks, small bricks, blind-hole bricks, and small-sized blocks; small-sized blocks have achieved the largest hole rate in China and reached the highest standard in the same industry in China. The entire process is fully enclosed and truly clean production.

The JYM series automatic hydraulic brick machine independently researched and developed by our company adopts the down-pressure structure that applies pressure from bottom to top, and can effectively realize the production of standard bricks and perforated bricks such as fly ash and other solid waste by means of “one machine and multiple use”. Hollow bricks, small blocks, pavement bricks, refractory bricks and other products of different specifications, the replacement of molds is convenient and fast, greatly improving the quality and production efficiency of brick products, and promoting product upgrades and technological advancements in China's new building materials industry. 

The establishment of this production line marks the official entry of our company's new JYM-1280 brick machine into the southwest region. I believe that in the future, it will open a new chapter for the future development of our company.