Autoclaved sand lime brick production line

Autoclaved sand lime brick production line

  • 01
    Batching machine
  • 02
    Mixing plant
  • 03
  • 04
    Re-mixer or crusher
  • 05
    Hydraulic brick presses
  • 06
    Stacking machine
  • 07
    Platform with curing wagon
  • 08
    Precuring room
  • 09
  • 10
    Finished product storage area

Autoclaved sand lime brick production line

We are known worldwide for the manufacture of highly efficient equipment for the production of sand-lime bricks, fly ash bricks and other products with siliceous aggregates. Our comprehensive solutions in this field range from double-acting and single-acting compacting presses to dies, wear parts and automation equipment, and from brick presses to complete turnkey production plants.

The development of the hydraulic brick press series with single-acting compaction has pioneered the production of small and medium-sized sand-lime and fly ash bricks of excellent quality.

Production process of autoclaved bricks

The material flow starts with filling the silos, if needed, siliceous aggregates from batching machine, all of which are mixed with water in exact proportions in the mixer, then mixture is fed to the reactor.

The sand-lime mixture remains in the reactor until the calcium oxide has converted into calcium hydroxide. After this reaction period the mixture is fed to the hydraulic press machine.

After pressing the green bricks are deposited to a conveyor belt by the take-off device, stacked on hardening wagons by the programmable stacking equipment and conveyed to autoclaves for hardening in a pressurized steam environment. The autoclaves are designed for either roll in/roll out or single entry/exit loading / unloading.

The complete process is split up into stages that are controlled fully automatically. Personnel is only required for monitoring purposes.

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